Early Music Seattle is particularly grateful to those members of our community who voluntarily help us behind the scenes. Our volunteers all have various backgrounds and skills who share a common love of the music and desire to make significant contribution to the cultural life of our community.


House a Musician

For those musicians traveling to Seattle to play with us, volunteers open their home to them for 3–5 days. Hosts may also drive musicians to and from the airport and rehearsals or lend the musicians an unneeded car.


Seattle School Program Manager

Part-time position, Multi-year appointment

Available immediately, Open until filled

Early Music Seattle (formerly the Early Music Guild) is seeking an energetic individual who will lead and manage our outreach program for elementary and junior high school students. He/she would need to be self-motivated with excellent organizational and attentive communication skills, careful with myriad details, and a real people-person. This is a part-time contract position (an estimated 8 hours per week for roughly 23 weeks during the Seattle School year, September through May). The School Program Manager assists the Executive Director of our organization in bringing world ancient and traditional music to under-served elementary and middle schools in the Seattle area that directly responds to our mission to “create the next generation of musicians and audience for Early Music.” The general duties of the job include contacting selected schools and scheduling EMS school programs in coordination with those schools and an existing cadre of teaching artists. This position is managed by the Executive Director of Early Music Seattle. Other EMS staff/board members with whom the Program Manager may work include the Operations Manager, the Marketing Director, and the Education/Local Artists Committee [the Committee]. For the 2017–18 school year, the fee for this position is $2,800, to be paid half in October and half in April. EMS is an equal opportunity employer.

The Education Mission

Responsible for gaining familiarity with the content, goals, fee schedule for teaching artists, and integration of each of the current EMS school programs, via discussion with the Executive Director (ED) and other staff/Board members, material currently on the webpage, and in-person meetings with EMS teaching artists. Currently, we offer 20 programs annually with several repeat presentations in our 8–9 target schools.

The Teaching Artists

Responsible for meeting—in person, if possible—with current EMS teaching artists, prior to the school year. Include a discussion of their general availability for the coming year (e.g. “can’t teach after 2:15 pm on any day”) and of ideas for new programs, etc.

Initial Contacts

Responsible for contacting EMS’ list of schools as soon as practical (either near the end of the school year or as soon as school begins in the fall) to begin the process of scheduling various EMS school programs.

  • The ED will provide a current list of schools that EMS teaching artists have been working in, with contact names, emails, and phone numbers, plus other potential schools. The Program Manager is encouraged to add to the list of possible schools for EMS programs. If possible, schedule meetings with school contacts (teachers, principals, etc.) in coordination with the ED.
  • The ED and Board of Directors Education Committee will provide available funding for school programs for the year, along with the fee schedule for various programs.

Follow Up

Responsible for following up on contacts and establishing specific dates/times for each program and coordinating schedules with the teaching artists and primary teacher/principal in each school.

  • Aim for economies of scale, to the extent possible, e.g., book teaching artists to cover all fifth-grade classes in a school on one calendar day or artists visiting two nearby schools on one day.

Programming Logistics

Responsible for developing a clear method of communicating with both schools and teaching artists, as schedules evolve. This may include electronic calendars, Drop Box, etc.


Responsible for tracking and timely reporting of information required by EMS staff on programs completed, which includes the number of classes taught at a school, dates and times, number of students served, etc.

  • Send this information to the ED, which will constitute an invoice for teaching accomplished and payment for the artists.
  • Prepare a summary report of progress for the ED and Education Committee; of the essential details for school visits and feedback halfway through the school year (Jan. 31) and at the end (June 30).
  • Include in a final report the results of monitoring and feedback from teachers, principals, students, and/or parents; see Item 7, below. Any suggestions regarding success and/or ideas for improvement are welcome.


The Program Manager will provide input to the Program Committee, as requested, to develop a monitoring instrument to make the reporting as seamless as possible.

Possible modifications to present practices

The Program Manager is encouraged to bring forward ideas for new, innovative school programs the meet both the needs of specific schools and grades and the goals and mission of EMS. Tying EMS programs into school curriculum is encouraged, as are suggestions for new artists to add the to EMS teaching staff.

Staying Current

Responsible for working with the EMS Marketing Director to keep school programs up to date on the webpage.

  • This includes working with the ED and the Committee to arrange for photographs, videos, quotes from teachers/students/parents for use on the webpage.


For the 2017–18 school year, the fee to be paid to the School Program Manager is $2,800 to be paid half in October and half in April, unless otherwise arranged.

  • Roughly 8 hours of work per week for 23 weeks, at $15.00 per hour.
  • Any teaching work done by the Program Manager will be reimbursed separately, and not included as part of the $2,800 fee.

Conflict of Interest

The Program Manager should have on file, for each year, a signed/dated conflict of interest statement.